Antiques – Class 28

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Chair: Joanne Smith………………………647-688-3341

Committee: Clarke Smith, Judy Craig, Cathy Davis, Christine Hodinka, George Phillips, Brenda See & Anne Rolph


– General rules at the front of this book apply to this class.

– TWO LISTS of antiques entered are required for this class. The second list must accompany the antiques and be signed by both the exhibitor and a committee member.

– The best possible care will be taken to safeguard the articles, but we cannot be responsible for the articles or accidents to them.

– Tags will be opened unless otherwise requested.

– Any mounting box, tray, cardboard, or hanger etc. is for safety and display, and will not influence judging.

– Condition, age, rarity and historical significance will be considered. Small cracks or flaws will not disqualify the item.

– Historical interest and approximate age of entry would be appreciated but is not necessary for a prize. This may be indicated on the tag.

– The article must not have been entered in the past 3 years.

– New Exhibitors: Please mark tag “New Exhibitor” with your name.

PRIZES: 1st – $4.00, 2nd – $3.50, 3rd – $3.00

There will be a BEST OF SHOW ribbon awarded




For this section, articles must date from the 1950’s, 1960’s or 1970’s decades


  1. China Plate of a Local School
  2. Piece of Art Pottery, but NOT Blue Mountain Pottery – (less than 18 inches high)
  3. Piece of Blue Mountain Pottery – (less than 15 inches high)
  4. Desk Perpetual Calendar
  5. Advertising Pen – (preference given to a local business)
  6. Piece of 4H Memorabilia – (mounted for display if needed)
  7. Toy Tractor
  8. Table Top Electric Fan
  9. Interesting Pennant – (local interest preference)
  10. 10.Stationary Steam Engine – (less than 14 inches high)
  11. Cowboy/Farm Hat
  12. Denim Work Jacket – (on a hanger)
  13. John Deere Tool
  14. Vintage LP – (cover and record)
  15. Music book – (preference given to a child’s version)
  16. China Queen Elizabeth Plate
  17. Holiday Souvenir – (less than 15 inches high)
  18. Interesting Bottle Opener
  19. Piece of Melamine ware – (less than 12 inches high)
  20. Tea Cup & Saucer, with Green as a significant part of the design.
  21. Baby Rattle
  22. Hat Box
  23. Lady’s Dressy Evening Earrings – (mounted for display)
  24. Bedside Table Lamp – (less than 18 inches high)
  25. Interesting Waste Basket (less than 18 inches high)



For this section, articles must pre-date 1950


  1. Salt Glazed Pitcher
  2. China Cream Pitcher
  3. Piece of Carnival Glass – (less than 15 inches high)
  4. Glass Spoon Holder
  5. Corn Flower Rose Bowl or Flower Vase
  6. Piece of Green Jasperware
  7. Metal Tea Caddy
  8. Copper Tea Kettle
  9. Canadian Pottery Jug – (less than 18 inches high)
  10. Piece of Queen Victoria Memorabilia – (mounted if necessary)
  11. Piece of Slag Glass
  12. Piece of Green Depression Glass
  13. China Gravy Boat Set with Attached or Separate Under plate
  14. Small China Fruit/Nut Dish
  15. Meat or Fish Serving Fork
  16. Copper Measuring Container
  17. Medicine Bottle
  18. Coffee Grinder – (less than 18 inches high)
  19. Desk Perpetual Calendar
  20. Receipt Spike
  21. Stapler
  22. Interesting Scissors
  23. Diary
  24. Pocket Knife
  25. Change Purse
  26. Hand Mirror
  27. Cigarette Holder




  1. WHAT IS IT? STUMP THE JUDGE!! Unusual Article, not exhibited in the past 5 years. Identify its use in an attached envelope.PRIZES: 1st: $4.00, 2nd: $3.50, 3rd: $3.00
  2. FUTURE COLLECTIBLE OR ANTIQUE Prizes donated by Joanne & Clarke Smith(Something made after 1970 that will become a Sought-After Collectible or Antique!)PRIZES: 1st: $20.00, 2nd: $15.00, 3rd: $5.00
  3. JACK ORR SPECIAL “My Most Prized Antique.”PRIZES: 1st: $25.00, 2nd: $15.00, 3rd: $10.00
  4. NEW EXHIBITOR AWARD for the most points To a person who has never entered before in Class 28PRIZE: $10.00
  5. BEST OF SHOW AWARD: A “Best of Show”ribbon will be awarded to the best entry in this class.

VISITORS TO OUR BOOTH will also have a chance to guess the identity of a “MYSTERY ANTIQUE” for a prize: A beautiful plant donated by BTN Nurseries.