Crafts and Hobbies – Class 29

////Crafts and Hobbies – Class 29
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Chair: Jan Pinkerton…………905-939-2688

Committee: Betty Huisman, Jennifer Slade, Janis Boykach

  • All rules at the beginning of the Homecraft Section apply
  • All exhibitors MUST BE AMATEURS
  • Definition of non-amateur/professional: A person who uses craft supplies to create fine craft items by hand and sells or teaches the finished product. Anyone, who enters and is found to be a non-amateur or professional of that craft, will be disqualified from the judging process.
  • Items should be clean and odour free.
  • All crafts must have a patch of material, yarn or

threads attached to each entry.

  • Pictures must be ready to hang.
  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in


  • All crafts should be new and this year’s work. Items from previous years should not be entered



1st – $5.50, 2nd – $5.00, 3rd – $4.50


SECTIONS 5 to 45

1st – $ $4.50, 2nd – $4.00, 3rd – $3.50


Suggestion for 2019 Fair:  Remember we are celebrating our 2019 theme.  Try to make your entries primarily with a “Bees, Blooms & Butterflies” theme to increase your judge’s scoring.  Let’s celebrate Spring in Schomberg!


  1. Counted cross stitch picture (under 12” not including mat and frame)
  2. Counted cross stitch picture (over 12”)
  3. Fill a Hoop – (i.e. cross stitch, quilting, embroidery or exhibitor’s choice )
  4. Handmade stuffed toy -childproof 5. Best dressed doll – (at least 2 pieces) knit
  5. Best dressed Doll – (at least 2 pieces) crochet 7. Colouring Page – mounted

Scrapbooking                                                                                                                                                                              8. Single Memory page:  Favourite Christmas Moment

  1. Single Memory page: Vacation
  2. Single Memory Page: Birthday or Anniversary

Greeting Cards

  1. Hallowe’en
  2. Christmas
  3. This year’s theme “Bees, Blooms & Butterflies”


  1. Wire sculpture (include sample)
  2. Handmade wooden item-no size requirement but it must be able to be transported upstairs with no lift assist- craftsman judged only -include samples
  3. Tea cozy -knit or crochet
  4. Paint a Rock – 2019 fair theme: “Bees, Blooms and Butterflies”
  5. Handmade Pin Cushion
  6. Decorated Pillow on form (any technique)
  7. Slippers, any size, yarn or fabric
  8. Handmade Jewellery – any medium
  9. Bookmark: 2019 Theme: “Bees, Blooms & Butterflies”
  10. Baby Bib (any medium)
  11. Article made with plastic canvas
  12. Sewn Pillowcase
  13. Embroidered or cross stitch pillowcase
  14. Fall Decoration
  15. Fridge Magnet
  16. Article of Finger Knitting or Crocheting
  17. Decorated Picture Frame: 2019 Theme: “Bees, Blooms & Butterflies”
  18. Decorated memory box
  19. Article made from recycled material
  20. Any other craft not listed


  1. Angel – any medium
  2. Christmas Gift Bag – paper – bag may be purchased
  3. 3 Christmas ornaments – mounted – 3 different techniques
  4. Christmas Centrepiece for dining table
  5. Christmas placemats (2)
  6. Christmas Table Runner
  7. Article made from Old Greeting Cards
  8. Christmas Article from plastic canvas
  9. Christmas Stocking


  1. Out of The Cold Special

***Handmade set of Hats and Mitts or Hat and Scarf*** yarn or fabric.

First prize only to be determined before the Fair

NOTE:  This category is a retained special.  All section 43 entries will be donated to rotating charities. Multiple entries are welcome. Specify the one to be judged.


Best decorative or functional Homecraft article(s) made using Bernardin Mason Jar(s) or 2-piece snap lid(s)

Prize: Gift Certificate

  1. 2019 Fair Theme: “Bees, Blooms & Butterflies” Double page scrapbooking layout 12” x 12” in protective sleeves.

First prize only to be awarded.  Prize to be determined before the Fair.

  1. Mary Duggan Special: Exhibitor with highest total points in class 29

Prize: $15.00 donated by Monica Duggan and Teresa Slade and families

  1. Mary Duggan Special: Exhibitor with 2nd highest points in class 29

Prize:  $10.00   donated by Monica Duggan and Teresa Slade and families