Homecraft Rules

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**NEW THIS YEAR** Due to renovations to the community hall, this year’s homecraft display has been relocated to the Trisan Center, 25 Dillane Drive, Schomberg. A shuttle bus will be available through the weekend to transport you back and forth.

All entries must be the work of AMATEURS

An amateur is one who engages in a craft as a pastime hobby and not as a licensed professional.

  • Exhibitors’ fee of $5.00 must be paid on or before making entries. Fee entitles exhibitors to show as many items as desired.
  • All classes are open to both Men and Women
  • All exhibitors will pay gate admission to the grounds but to offset this charge, there will not be any percentage deducted from the prize money. This is in order to improve the conditions at the gates and to eliminate the issuing of passes.
  • Prize money allotment, in all cases, is subject to change to utilize any donations of merchandise received & may be picked up on Sunday at 2 pm along with any merchandise prize won from Homecraft Office at the Trisan Centre for 2022
  • Exhibits may be brought to the Trisan Centre on Thursday evening from 7-9 p.m. or on Friday morning from 8.30 to 11.30 a.m. They will remain in place until 4:30 p.m. on Sunday evening.
  • The Schomberg Agricultural Society is not responsible for any loss or breakage of any exhibit. Great care will be executed in the handling of the exhibits and the overnight caretaking of the premises is guaranteed.
  • Please have articles properly marked so as to correspond with the prize list, with a Schomberg entry ticket attached to each entry. Please have proper tags ready for drop off. Printable tags will be available on our website at www.schombergfair.com.

Entries must be listed on the entry form found on the website, which must be left with the secretary at the time of entry. For tickets and additional entry forms, please contact the secretary. An individual exhibitor may only enter one article in each section in all classes, and may only receive one prize

per section.

  • A Junior exhibitor shall be up to and including the age of 17. Junior exhibitors shall not pay entry fees in sections or classes marked for “Junior exhibitors only” but shall pay the regular exhibitor’s fee if entering in an adult class.
  • All exhibits must be handcrafted by the exhibitor and may only be exhibited by the maker of the craft. Crafts exhibited must be neat, clean and odour free. Items do not have to be new.
  • Point system used to decide winners will be: First – 3 points, second – 2 points, Third – 1 point
  • Placing in specials does not count in the point system





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