Cowboy Mounted Shooting Demonstration


Cowboy mounted shooting (also called western mounted shooting and mounted shooting) is a competitive equestrian sport involving the riding of a horse to negotiate a shooting pattern. Depending on sponsoring organizations, it can be based on the historical reenactment of historic shooting events held at Wild West shows in the late 19th century. Modern events [...]

Jess Bowman


Jess Bowman is a singer/songwriter/musician who prides herself in playing and writing music that any age can relate to and enjoy. With a wide variety of different artists, new and old, Jess genuinely loves what she does and it shows throughout her performances. Come out and see Jess on May 28th at 6pm on the [...]

Matt Morson


Born and raised Schomberg, Matt used his passion and desire for music and songwriting as a way to express himself. Matt picked up his first guitar at age 11 to master Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown”. A late start to some, Matt honed his skills quickly. As the years went on, Morson started to work with [...]