May 23 to May 26, 2019

The Schomberg Agricultural Spring Fair runs from May 23rd until May 26th and is home to a wide range of events that the whole family will enjoy. Whether it’s farm animals, crafts, delicious homecookin’ or great country music that interest you, the Schomberg Fair is Ontario’s best way to experience friendly, good old country hospitality and learn about the issues that define agricultural life.

(events subject to change without notice, please check here closer to the fair dates)

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Thursday May 23rd

Two for One Admission and Ride Tickets.

5:00 “World’s Finest Shows” Midway opens – Two for One Ride Tickets!

Friday May 24th

(Homecraft Hall Closed)


4:00 Gates Open
4:00 World’s Finest Midway opens
5:00 1st time ever!! Beer Tent opens
5:30 Mini Horse Demonstration (SR)
6:00 Alien Taxi (MS)
7:00 Derek (MS)
7:30 Demolition Derby (PIT)
7:30 Bavarian Garden (SE)
8:00 Lil Rooster (MS)
9:00 The Rifle & the Writer (MS)


Saturday May 25th

9:00 Gates open
11:00 Midway opens
11:00 Community Hall opens
11:00 Grand Parade
12:00 Opening Ceremonies (MS)
12:00 Bavarian Garden (1ST Seating)(MT)
 Featuring: The Classy Wrecks
1:00 Sheep Herding Demo (SR)
1:00 DooDoo the Clown (MS)
1:30 Children’s pedal pull (TAR)
1:45 Aaron Matthews (MS)
2:00 ProRider FMX (TRK)
2:00 Frisian Horse Demonstration (SR)
3:00 Purdy School of Marital Arts (MS)
3:30 Sheep Herding Demo (SR)
4:15 ProRider FMX (TRK)
4:30 Frisian Horse Demonstration (SR)
5:30 Sheep Herding Demo (SE)
6:00 (TBA) (MS)
6:30 ProRider FMX (TRK)
7:00 Bavarian Garden (2nd seating) (MT)
 Featuring: Bill Nadeau
7:00 Johnny Cobra (MS)
8:00 Pink Leather Jackets (MS)
9:00 Meet the Blue (MS)

Sunday May 26th

10:00 Rabbit & Cavy Show (TT)
10:30 4H Dairy Clip & Fit (SR)
10:30 Aaron Matthews (MS)
11:00 DooDoo the Clown (MS)
11:00 Midway opens
12:00 ProRider FMX (TRK)
11:00 Community Hall opens (CH)
11:00 Junior Beef Cattle Show (SR)
11:00 Junior Dairy Cattle Show (SR)
11:30 Family Fun Events (SE)
12:00 Baby Show registration (MT)
1:00 Baby Show (MT)
1:00 Beef Cattle Show (SR)
1:15 Pet & Mutt Show registration (MS)
1:30 Pet & Mutt Show (MS)
2:00 ProRider FMX (TRK)



SR = Show Ring

NT= Small Tent North End of Grounds

MS = Main Stage

CH= Community Hall off Main Street

HC= Arena

MT= Main Tent Central Grounds

TK=Track South End

Tar=Tarmac in front of Arena

TC= Tennis Courts

SR = Show Ring North End of Grounds


Download the printable event schedule for 2019 pdf (PDF 351kB)